Adding a custom, editable text column to pivot table

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Hello everyone,


I have a pivot table that sums up lab occurencies grouped by month. In each month it has the counting and % variance from same occurency from previous month.

I need to add an observation column to it that appear every time the worksheets is updated that can be used to input text, for lab techs to fill up with notes on what they'll do to get the numbers lower in the upcoming months, or register anything odd that could have happened.

Is it possible to add such kind of column in a pivot table, without having it from another souce?





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@Marcelo Magri 

To my knowledge not. Such column won't be in sync with PivotTable. If to add comments instead of such column, they are also not in sync since they are related to grid cell, not to PivotTable.

Thank you, Sergei.
After messing a lot, I came to this conclusion, but they were happy yo just use the next available cell to make notes.