Adding a column of numbers but 0 keep comming up.

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I keep adding the numbers in a column however a 0 keeps coming up.


Pls advise

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Could you please give bit more details what exactly are you doing?

@Sergei Baklan 




Txs for getting back to me.

I am a on a board which I am responsible for the seat arrangement for the individual who are coming to the event.  I have the tables with the total number of seats at each. Now I want of add the total number of individuals at each table lighting the total at each table.  We have 10 tables.  Some of the tables have 10 seats and others have 8 seats.  I want to add the total number of seats at each table.  I want to get the total number of seats.  I go to each cell which is the total at each table.  That's 10 cells.

After I perform this task and hit enter the answer in the total box is "0" instead of the total amount of seats which should be around 88 seats.  There is a snag in the total cell.  I need help in clearing the cell.


Thank you, but it's still hard to localise an issue. Do you use SUM() or =Shift1A10+Shift2!A10+.... Are your totals real numbers or texts which looks like numbers. Etc.

Perhaps you may share small sample file with two tables to illustrate an issue.