Adding a button for financial balance

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Hey girls and guys,



I am trying to add a button to my Excel Sheet where I can add a certain number (that is displayed on the button as well) to a larger balance for a volunteering project. I have in total 4 buttons (5eu, 2eu, 1eu and 0.50eu). I have some Excel skills but they are not sufficient, can anyone help me?



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Option Button

  1. Open Excel and Click on "Developer" Tab

  2. Open Excel and click on the "Developer" tab. If it’s not visible, click “File,” “Options” and then “Customize Ribbon.” Click the “Developer” check box within the Main Tabs list and click the "OK" button when you’re finished.

  3. Select "Insert"

  4. Select “Insert” from the Controls group on the Developer tab.

  5. Choose the Type of Button

  6. Click the type of option button you’d like to insert. Form Control and ActiveX Control are the two main categories. To insert a Form Control option button, click “Option Button” from the list of Form Controls. The names of the buttons appear when you hover the mouse over them. To insert an ActiveX Control option button, click “Option Button” from the list of ActiveX Controls.

  7. Click the Cell on Your Worksheet

  8. Click the cell on your worksheet where you want your option button displayed.

  9. Format the Button

  10. Format or edit your button properties to make it do something when clicked. For example, if you inserted a Form Control option button, right-click it and select “Format Control” from the drop-down menu to edit its properties. If you inserted an ActiveX Control button, right click your button and select “Properties" from the drop-down menu.