adding 2 cells together

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hi, i am trying to do the following calculation 3500+42%=6034.48. 3500 is a calculated value in 1 cell and 42% is a calculated value in another cell however i can not seem to get the correct formula to give me a value of 6034.48. please can someone help 

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If 3500 is A1 and 0.42 is A2 then the formula is =A1/(1-A2)
hi wyn, thanks for the reply, i see that works when you type 3500 and 0.42 into a1 and a2 however the 0.42 i have is calculated and comes from the following formula =R6/(R5+R6) where r5 is 5431 and r6 is 3861. am i missing something because the value i get is 5988?
That's because 5431/(5431+3861) is 0.415519 which is then displaying as 0.42

However the calculation uses the underlying value (all the decimals) not the displayed value

@Wyn Hopkins 

ah brilliant thank you