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I'm trying to save a custom addin in order to copy it to a different PC but recent changes haven't saved in the addin file.


The addin itself contains some custom formulas and formatting shortcuts that I use regularly, in the past week or so I've added some new modules and I wanted to copy it over to a different PC. I copied the addin from the Excel Add-Ins/Browse location to my OneDrive and installed it on the other PC but, once installed, it doesn't contain the new modules.


The modified date on the .xlam is 20th July. I've tried saving it in VBA but the modified date doesn't change.

I could copy the modules to a spreadsheet and open that up in the other PC but I'm not understanding how the original has the new modules if the .xlam hasn't been updated since July? 

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It sounds like you are encountering an issue with your Excel add-in not saving the recent changes you have made. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve this issue:

  1. Check for Errors in Your Code: Make sure there are no errors or issues in the new modules you have added. If there are errors in your VBA code, Excel may not save the changes properly. Use the VBA editor (Alt + F11) to review your code for any errors and fix them.
  2. Save the Add-In Manually: Sometimes, Excel may not automatically save changes to an add-in. To manually save the changes to your add-in, follow these steps:
  1. Open the add-in in Excel on the PC where you made the changes.
  2. Go to the VBA editor (Alt + F11).
  3. In the VBA editor, click on "File" and then "Save [Your Add-In Name].xlam".
  4. Close Excel after saving.
  1. Check Folder Permissions: Ensure that the folder where your add-in is located has the necessary write permissions. If you are saving the add-in in a location with restricted permissions, Excel may not be able to save changes.
  2. Antivirus and Security Software: Sometimes, security software can interfere with the saving process. Ensure that your antivirus or security software is not blocking Excel from saving changes to the add-in file.
  3. Backup and Restore: To ensure that you have the latest version of the add-in, you might consider creating a backup of the add-in folder and then restoring it on the other PC. This way, you can be sure that you are copying the latest version.
  4. Excel Add-In Location: Confirm that you are editing and saving the correct add-in file. Sometimes, there can be multiple add-in files with similar names, and it is possible you may be editing the wrong one.
  5. Excel Cache: Excel may be caching the add-in file. To ensure you are using the latest version of the add-in, try clearing the Excel cache. You can do this by going to "File" > "Options" > "Advanced," and under the "General" section, click "Clear" under "At startup, open all files in."

After trying these steps, attempt to save the add-in again. If the issue persists, consider creating a new add-in by exporting your modules and code to a new workbook, saving it as an add-in, and then copying it to the other PC. This can sometimes help resolve issues with add-ins that are not saving changes properly. The text and steps were edited with the help of AI.


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Hope this will help you.

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Thanks - it turned out to be the location. Despite it going to '...Appdata/Roaming/Microsoft/Addins' when you select 'Browse' the actual addin that was being used was the one in my Onedrive.

I'm glad you were able to find and fix the problem.
Thank you for your feedback, it will certainly help other users in the forum.
I wish you much success with Excel!