Added Total to header in pivot table


Hello, the titles that normally appear as short dates are preceded by the word "Total" in the pivottable.
I have "Don't show subtotals" and "Grand totals off" in the design section. I looked at the pivot table options and field options but I couldn't find the Solution.
Is there a solution to make the word total not precede the short date.

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It's the total for each of your fields.

You can change/overwrite the text in the headings.


this header field specifies the date.
so it doesn't make sense to write the total in front of it.
It doesn't make sense to delete and replace. My query is constantly being renewed.


I understand the second picture is the query/source data.

Then you must change your query. It produces a crosstabular format which is not suitable for a pivot table. You need a record list.

To get a record list you have to unpivot the crosstabular format. This is provided by Power Query.


@Detlef Lewin I don't know the process you are talking about. I'm sending my Excel spreadsheet. Can you implement the solution?

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In your case you just have to delete the last query step "Pivoted Column".

And then recreate the pivot table.


@Detlef Lewin 
As you said, the "total" text was deleted, but it also created its own problems.
The dates seem mixed.




You have three options:


Hover over a date-cell until the cursor changes into the move-cursor (four arrows). Move the cell into the correct order.


Edit the query to change the date into YYYY/MM. Then sort the date field in the pivot table.


Edit the query to change the date into a real date like 2022-09-01 (also change the data type into Date). Then sort the date field in the pivot table. A real data also allows for grouping in years, quarters and months.



@Detlef Lewin 

I have said before.
My query is constantly being renewed.
For this reason, I do not want to do manual transactions every time.
Thank you for your efforts. I will mark it solved.


Options two and three require the edit on the query only once.