Add value with condition

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I'm quite a newbie using excel, and I need help with this one.
I have a sheet where I need to add a value if it meets a condition. For example, in a selected row if there is the word "Car" i need it to add 100 to the cells in front and if it have "house" instead add 75. IS this possible? i've tried some formulas but i always get an error even when i copi it exactly the same way

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Better to have sample file to illustrate what do you mean exactly. And that could be dozen of reason why formula doesn't work.


You me modify attached more close to your case.



Please attach a small sample workbook.

wow, that was a fast reply. Thank you in advance.

i added a example below, i hope it helps you to help me!

Meanwhile i think i've done it. Your input was excelent in order to help me. Thank again, have a nice day!

@Cristiano_Digital , you are welcome