Add the data from a cell into the header

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I would like to use the content of cell A1, for example, as the recurring data in the worksheet's header.  Can #Excel do this?

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You cannot reference a cell in the Header section (Say by typing =C5) that will not grab the value. However there is a tricky way to resolve this issue by recording a simple Macro and trigger it before printing.

Here is a Tutorial that covers exactly that issue:


if you do not want to watch the Tutorial then do the following:

  1. Hit ALT + F11 >> opens the visual Basic editor
  2. Right Clisk where it says "This Workbook"
  3. Above the white working area there are 2 drop lists
  4. Select "Workbook" from the Left Drop List
  5. Delete the 2 lines that appeared automatically
  6. Copy & Paste this code:

Private Sub Workbook_BeforePrint(Cancel As Boolean)
Dim Sh As Worksheet
For Each Sh In Me.Worksheets
Sh.PageSetup.CenterHeader = Sh.Range("C5").Value
Next Sh
End Sub


You can replace CenterHeader by LeftHeader or RightHeader

replace C5 by any cell of your choice



On the Other hand , in the Page Setup dialog box (Shortcut is ALT, P, S, P) >> Header Tab >> Custom Header >> You have some icons to include predefined functionality such as Date, Time, File Name, Sheet Nam ...etc


Hope that helps you

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Nabil Mourad

You'll learn how to link the page header to a specific cell with Excel VBA. The Excel macro is very simple. Best part is it runs automatically every time you...



Thank you for the information on the macro option.  I look forward to reviewing and using this option.