Add shaded bars to seasonal chart to show summer and winter months

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Hello folks,

I'm making a line graph that shows water consumption fluctuations over several years. Is there a way to make the background of the chart shaded for certain months of the year? For example a light blue shade for winter months and light yellow for summer? This shading would of course be behind the trend line.

Please note this is my second post on this forum. I'm still learning my way around.

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@cameronclimbs247 Something like this perhaps?  The value series in a line chart but the season has been represented by a column chart against the secondary axis.  Values are 1-10 whereas the season axis is against a scale 0-1 [0-MAX(value) would be another option if the data series used that range]



@Peter Bartholomew Yes this works perfect! Thank you Peter. I poked around with combo charts and figured out something similar. 

hola chicos queria que me ayuden necesito sumar dos valores y restar el tercero como puedo hacerlo


That is a question about a completely different subject. Please start a new discussion and ask your question there.