Add Rows and automatically change and add number

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Hi, I am doing an application for Autocad and I want to learn anything about that. If I insert new row like photo that how can I automatically add numbers or formulas and change its like right side ? I want to just add new row and it is automatically fill.



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Hello @bedyr ,


the easiest way to achieve what you describe is without programming. You can use an Excel Table for your data table on the left and use a formula to calculate the row number. In an Excel Table, all formulas are automatically applied to a new row. To turn your data into a table, use the command Insert > Table.


If the table on the right is also using formulas, you can integrate it into the existing table. At the moment I can't see the logic that leads to the number in the right hand side table. Can you explain what you expect to happen there?


on the right side that I have Autocad coordinate. If I insert new row, I have to add new coordinate to new row and change all them. I want to do that automatically.     @Ingeborg Hawighorst