Add printable background to custom calendar

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I work as a SLT and want to make a bookmark with a calendar where my clients can note down their reading time of that day. 

I made an automatic generated calendar in Excel from scratch, with a toggle button for the year on page 1 and the seperate bookmarks per month on the next pages.

I already found out I can't add a background image in Excel (and putting the image over the text and make it transparant isn't the solution I'm looking for). 

I already tried to import the bookmarks as an Excel object in other Office programs like Word and Publisher, with the images as background. The problem is that when I change the year, the window view of the Excel shifts as well. That way the edges of the bookmark in Excel don't match anymore with the edges of the background. 

I'm looking for a program where I can add the images as a background. When I change the year, I want to be able to print the whole bookmark calendar without any extra modifications.

An example of what I want to achieve: Example of what I try to achieve.Example of what I try to achieve.

I really hope someone here can help me out with this problem (within Excel or by using another program).

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I'm not sure I understand the problem. What exactly happens when you select a new year? For me, nothing shifts, just the days of the week change (expected).
NB: February shows March 1st in non-leap-years.

@Jan Karel Pieterse 
In the Excel file everything works fine. The shifting happens in the Publisher/Word file where I inserted the Excel als object. When I click on the Excel object in Publisher/Word, change the year on page 1 and go back to the right page, the view of the Excel object in Publisher changes sometimes.
Is there any way to fix the Excel view in one place (like: show always cells A1 to X33, instead of shifting to other cells)?

I think you should try to keep it all in excel. But instead of one picture over the area with the calendar, place the background picture somewhere out of the way. Then on top of that place a plain rectangular shape without a background fill and with no border. Select the shape, click once in the formula bar and type the = sign. Now select the calendar cells and press Enter. Fiddle around a bit until you get a nice overlap.