Add percent on multiply numbers in excel automaticly

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Im using the formula below:


Im using the bottom formula:

Multiply an entire column of numbers by a percentage


My problem is that when i do this the only number that is showing is the percent it has increased, not the complete number: Eg:


1.96 + 25 % = 2,45.

25 % increase is 0,49.

1.96 + 0,49 = 2.45

My problem is that the only number that is showing in my excel columns is 0,49, not the total new number.


How do i solve this issue?



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As the article you refer to mentions, if you want to increase a number by 25% (instead of multiply a number with 25%), you have to use a formula such as =1.96*(1+25%)

You can use cell references instead of literal numbers, of course, e.g. =A2*(1+25%)

@Hans Vogelaar 

Ok, but how do i do that in excel, show me thanks.

I do this now:

i write 25 % i a column, copy paste that and then mark all the numbers in the excel file that i want to increase with 25%. then i rihght click on the nukmbers i want to increase, choose paste in special and then i choose value and multiply and all the numbers change but only the percent increase not the total new number.


Increasing by 25% means that the new value is 100% of the old value + 25% of the old value, so 125% of the old value. In other words, you have to multiply with 125%, not 25%.

So you should enter 125% in an empty cell, then proceed as before.

@Hans Vogelaar 

I dont know how but it works!

Thanks a bunch.