Add New Column And Fill Series

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Hello All,


Presently I am working on a VBA project and need your help in it. Below is the Problem Statement described in a chronological manner:-


1. I have to work with a very large data set. Columns in this data set range from 250 to 280 Columns but number of columns is never fixed. I have to get to the last column ==> add multiple new column at the end of the dataset ==> and name the columns like "checklist 1","checklist 2", "checklist 3".


2. Apply Criteria specific filters in the already existing data set in multiple columns. (This part of the project is already done)


3. As per the filters applied in the existing data set, data needs to be auto filled in the newly added columns as created in step 1. (For Example :- after applying filters in the existing data, row count is 289. Now those 289 rows will be auto filled in column "checklist 1" with a text provided in the macro itself. row filler text can be anything and has to be set in the macro)

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