Add-ins. option missing

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Hey I'm trying to enable Solver which needs to be clicked on through the add-ins tab in the toolbar, but I don't have that option for some reason. 

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Select File > Options > Add-ins...

Click the Go... button near the bottom.

Tick the check box for Solver, then click OK.

Options doesn't have "Add-ins" tab. The only visible option is change the region. Is there any other way I can access Add-ins?


Aha - you're using the online (browser) version of Excel.

Add-ins such as Solver are only available in the desktop version of Excel for Windows and Mac, not in Excel Online.


As a comment, Excel is not "just Excel" which works the same way everywhere. Set of functionality depends on the platform (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, web), license type (consumer or business and which one) and the version/channel used under such license (e.g. Excel 2000 or Excel 2021, Current or Semi-Annual channel). It's always better to mention on which Excel you are to save your and answering people time.