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Hi, I am trying to figure out Excell and am very new. I am trying to design a template to do bidding for my company. I would like to have text associated with a number value to do a math formula. For instance I have A13 with a number of 8268 and B13 with the words Install Base. I would like Install Base to have a value of 75. Then I would like to divide A13 (8268) by B13 (75) to equal 110.24 displayed in C13.

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I'd create a lookup list. In the screenshot below if has just 2 rows, but it can be much larger of course.




Formula in C13:




I tried that. I get Install Base =75 instead of 110.24?


Did you perhaps enter =VLOOKUP(...) instead of =A13/VLOOKUP(...) ?

I copied and pasted your formula and tried typing exactly what you had?



That is VERY weird.

Here is my test workbook:

Just remember I am a complete dummy with this program. Which cell do I copy and paste your formula to? I am trying C13


Yes, C13. Did you look at the workbook that I attached to my previous reply?

Yes, I did it the same way. I ended up adding a column to assign a number then do the math from there.