Add a difference between numbers with minus

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I want to create a formula that gives the number 2 if two cells are equal, but if the numbers are different - I want to get the difference between them, but in negative form (For example: If A1 is 6 and B1 is 4, I want to get -2). I want to clarify that a simple sum formula probably isn't good in that case because in some cases A would be the bigger number, and in other cases B would be the bigger, and I want it to always be negative. 


I made the first step of the formula - =IF(A1=B1,2) - but don't know how to proceed from here. 


Thanks in advance! 

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=IF(A1=B1, 2, -ABS(A1-B1))

Thank you!
Is there a way to leave this cell blank as long as I don't fill the other two (right now it says 2 because the empty cells are equals..)?
It's not critical, but I'd like to do it if possible.

Thanks again!




=IF(OR(A1="", B1=""), "", IF(A1=B1, 2, -ABS(A1-B1)))

You legend. Thank you so much!