Add a column to a Query that the end user can edit and is linked to that row information

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I have a dynamic worksheet that I have taken from our internal data base. Then I have pulled a power query to bring all the new file numbers as they get added. Then built out each column using index and match formula to look up the information I needed  all of this works great.


The big problem is I want a blank column that the end user can edit and add notes related to each row in the table. When I refresh or sort they disappear or move around the sheet, even though it is a table ??? Please help !!!


Here are some of the references that I have tried and none have been successful. Using Excel 2016


New rows do get added to my table upon refresh and information is always changing the columns Self-Referencing table to make editable column

Question from Sarada on StackOverflow:when you have SQL data imported in Excel via Power Query, you may want to add some comments to the data in Excel and ke...
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That trick is definitely works, it is 5-years old on was tested quite many times on different files, Key point you have to have unique ID for the data.