Add 333 lines skipping 6 lines in between

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Thanks Sergei That worked and did what I wanted. Now I want a formula to add two columns. C3:C13 & D3:D13 then C23:C33 & D23:D33 and so on until we reach C323:C333 &D323:D333. So that skip 6 lines every time. Hope this makes sense!    


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Select B14:BX14, Ctrl+C, click on B34, Ctrl+V, when on B54, Ctrl+V, etc. same for second line. That's 5-minutes job.

@16Teams Sorry I want to produce a Pivot Chart of all the players and points for each game week 1,2, 3 etc. So I need a formula that counts the players & points down the way not across. The formula should take out the Total and the five lines below auto. Thus the formula will pick up the 16 teams and their points every week. I therefore should have a list of 187 players and their points for every week. 


Not sure I understood all logic, but afraid that's the task for Power Query and not easy one.