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So this might seem simple but I’m at a loss. I’m working on a card collection spreadsheet and need the input column to reset to 0 while the total column keeps track of the entries both adding cards in and subtracting cards out.


any help would be greatly appreciated 

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Not clear what you are trying to do. Post few sample data then show desired output. Better attach a sample file to your post so that we can download and put formula to get expected result.
Sorry working on my cell and away from my computer.

Basically I want to input a positive or negative value in A2, have it be reflected in A3 and have A2 clear or return to 0 to have another value placed in it and have A3 updated on the change
So, suppose you put 5 in A2 cell then what value do you expect on A3 cell? And if you put 0 in A2 cell then what you expect to show in A3 cell?
5 to remain in A3 and if I put 0 in A2 the value in A3 to remain 5