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I downloaded a file that has URL's and the text for the URL's are not active hyperlinks I can click on.

How can I make all of the URL text.... active hyperlinks for the whole sheet?

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If I understand correctly, you have downloaded a file and cannot activate the hyperlinks.
This information further down could maybe help you further.
Although it actually needs more info from your side. Which date, which Excel version, which operating system, encrypted file or not ... there are many questions.


This is usually due to Internet Explorer: The requested information cannot be downloaded ... Word and Excel no longer open hyperlinks ...

Anyone who uses the automated data import in Excel, especially “Data - from the Web”, will most likely receive the

Error message:
https: // ……… could not be opened. The requested information cannot be downloaded.

Well, in my country as we say, good advice is expensive because it is probably an Internet data source that you absolutely want to have imported into Excel.

The background to the error message is a built-in protection in Internet Explorer, preventing encrypted pages from being saved.

Where do we find these attitudes? In the Internet options of IE on the “Advanced” tab.
In the lower area of ​​the “Advanced” tab, there is a checkmark next to:

“Do not save encrypted pages on the data carrier”. This entry prevents e.g. HTTPS (encrypted) pages from being saved on your computer. When importing into Excel, these pages are cached, hence the error message.

After you remove the hook.


I would be happy to know if I could help.



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@NikolinoDE thanks for the reply.


It's a CSV file I got from a list provider, a list of records that include links to the contact's websites.

I'll be using the list as a CRM and call the contacts.

Photo attached.

I'm using Excel-Web version on Edge or Chrome on Windows10 (although the formatting looks the same, no active hyperlinks, on the desktop Excel app), not encrypted.


The same CSV file when viewed online on Google Sheets has the URLs formatted as hyperlinks so i was hoping Excel-web did the same thing.


Does that help to better answer?