Active Combo box once I use a different combo box or cell

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Hello, I am new to the community and my first post.  I am not too familiar with excel VBA coding, but I currently have a project that I am using a combo box to grab data from another sheet.  I also have it set up to auto complete and give suggestions in the drop down of the combo box.  Everything works great except that when I use another combo box or even type text into a different cell, the initial combo box becomes active and shows the selection in the drop down.  Then, no matter if I scroll down/up or go to a different sheet the selection follows on the screen and stays open until I click on it again.  It doesn't hinder anything and I can continue to complete the form, but it is annoying.  Does anyone have any idea what is going on.  I appreciate any help.

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It sounds like you may be using some type of change event or you may have copied and pasted the combobox code unintentionally by copying and pasting a combobox.  If you copied and pasted a combobox the macro that was linked to the original combobox control will still be linked to the new pasted control.


It would be helpful to see the VBA Code you're using and a detailed explanation of what is currently happening and what you expect to be happening.  (i.e. a before and After)  If you can give a little bit more detail it would help other's on the forum to solve your issue.