Action Pen Not in Ribbon on Excel 2021


Hey Everyone. I just purchased myself a Surface 7 and also the Home and Student Addition for 2021. I saw on when using your surface there was the ability to use the "Action Pen" on excel to write data with the Microsoft Pen and for this to convert it back to excel as data. 


When I open excel 2021 under the Draw section in the Ribbon it only gives me the option to either Draw with the Pen, pencil and highlight. No option for the Action Pen. 


Does anyone know if this is not available on Excel 2021 Home and Student? It does say it is on the following Link from Microsoft. 


I was on a chat with Microsoft and we tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software. Plus we did a repair to the software and no luck.


Please Help and thank you ahead of time for you responses.



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