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I am using an excel sheet to track my transactions, and I'm trying to make it a little less work while inputting things. However, I can't seem to get a function to do the math I need. 

I'm trying to get the following formula to ADD cells C3 and D5 because the cells B3 and B5 say "N". I want it to ignore row 4 completely because B4 is not "N". So the result should be $0.


I am grateful for any and all assistance here.





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how about =SUM(FILTER(C3:D5,B3:B5="N"),0)
if you don't have excel 365 then maybe







AH! You did it! Thank you so much @mtarler! I used the 2nd function you mentioned and it worked in Excel and "Excel for the web".


Any chance you are using Excel 365? If so

= SUM(FILTER(values, criterion="N"))

= SUM(IF(criterion="N", values))

both work, where 'criterion' is the column with "N" & "B" and values is the other two columns (each 3 rows at present)