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I often work in another currency than the standard US$, British pound, Euros, Swiss Franc. In other words every time I need to format cells I need to perform 4 steps to get to i.e. Russian Rubles.

Is there a shortcut to this currency formatting?

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@Steen Winther 

You could create a custom style for each currency. The style will be listed in Cell Styles in the Styles group of the Home tab of the ribbon.

You could also create macros that apply a specific currency format, and assign keyboard shortcuts to those macros.

Have noticed that this function only works in that particular Excel file. If I open a new file I need to set it up again. How can I make it a default?

@Steen Winther 

You could create a blank workbook with the new style and save it as the default template for new workbooks. See How to set a default template in Excel 

This will work for new workbooks that you create by pressing Ctrl+N or by clicking New on the Quick Access Toolbar. It won't work for existing workbooks that don't have the custom style.