Accidentally hid all cells!!

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Hey all,
I accidentally hid all cells on a speadsheet and now i cant see the sheet. The file is still there but it wont open. Is there anything I can do to unhide all cells?
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I just created a spreadsheet and hid all cells. I had no problem un-hiding them. I simply pushed the triangle in the upper left corner (selecting the entire sheet), then moved just a little to the right and saw two vertical bars, at which time I right-clicked and selected unhide. Perhaps my test was too simple. Good luck.

@lpdandrea Probably you have more than one Excel window opened. The hidden Excel is still there, use the other Excel windows or you can try to open another Excel file and go to View tab, click Unhide button and select the spreadsheet that you want to unhide.


@gugiggs with the BIG TIME SAVE. Thank you!