Accessing Name Manager Entries Dynamically

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I'm performing a data query where inbound TXT data is treated to a "Create Name" macro successfully.

Initially the data inbound was small, so the number of Names was small. However, I now have more data inbound such that there is a need to create a table of Names that resembles the data as seen in the Name Manager, but not exactly. For instance, I am not at all concerned with TABLE names present in the Name Manager.


In short, I would like to take Name Manager and table it dynamically as it updates.

Does anyone know of a way to do this with or without PowerQuery?


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You talk about big data that you need help organizing and yet you're not sharing it or a sample of it. If you can't organize that data when you have the ability to look at it and test it. How can you expect someone to help you come up with a solution without that data set?  It does not matter how much that individual is a super genius, the only way that individual can help you is if they have a photographic memory.... but then again you don't even have a screen shot....

Yeah, so...not really looking for help to manage my not-so-big data, just looking for a way to access Name Manager outside the actual Name Manager GUI. I could screen shot the Name Manager, but...



You could incorporate the table creation with your macro going forward, but the existing ones you'll probably have to painstakingly define them manually unless you can create vba code to do it.

yup - sort of leaning that way. The added bonus to the VBA route is that the Names can be set to 'hidden'.



it would be nice if uncle MS would add that feature to be able to access it as a list