Acceptable Horizontal and Vertical Values

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 I am a novice at Excel trying to create an expense tracker for the first time. (I do have coding experience with JS, HTML, and CSS, just not with Excel). I am trying to create a price and quantity trend tracker for multiple store expenses. I have curre trying arranged the dates horizontally, but this does not seem to be pairing well with the vertical price and quantity values. Ideally, I should be able to create a bar graph showing the price trending over several months, and another graph showing quantity trending over several months. This seemed to be the most logical way to format, but clearly isn't. So where is my date best used in this scenario, as a vertical or horizontal value? And what values are beat used horizontally vs vertically?


Any help is appreciated.


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I recommend running the data mostly vertical. Even if it means repeating items, it's going to make analyzing it a lot easier.


Please see attached sample.