Absence tracker - I want to record Employee Name, first day of sickness, start DATE, end date of sic

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I'm using this absence schedule from Microsoft which has been adjusted to suit our needs, I'm just trying to add a sickness tracker on a separate sheet, which records instances of sickness represented as a 'S' on the individual months, is this possible?

Employee absence schedule Blank Template

So this is the worksheet I wish to be auto populated, I just want a summary [fig.1] of the sickness days whenever a 'S' is entered into the monthly schedule [fig.2].
So when an 'S' is entered into any month out of the 12 months, I want a record put in the tracker:
Column A = Employee Name
Column B = First day of Sickness
Column C = Start Date of sickness (1st 'S')
Column D = End Date of sickness (last 'S' - this I feel will be difficult)
Column E  = Sick ('S' = Sick - i may expand this to others in the future but i'll start with Sick for now)
Column F = No of Sick Days (=Days(EndDate,StartDate) +1)









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