A Translation Mistake on functions

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I use Office 2016 pro plus, I use in English normally, but for work sake I must use it in Turkish. 


Currently, I found translation mistake on two functions.




The Turkish term of IMSUM Subtracts the calculation, and IMSUB sums it.  


The mistake delayed my project for a month.


Please fix this soon.


Thank you and have a good day!



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Hi @Gnd_Teknoloji 

Thanks for reporting this.

Could you please confirm the Turkish Excel version & build number you are using?

You can find that out by going to File | Account | About Excel

Many thanks!


I will when I got to work.

I can tell you the version of Excel in the morning(GMT-3), when I go to work; albeit, I found this is a problem since Excel 2007.

So, this is not a new problem.

Thanks for the reply!


Just in case, is it correct translation here Translator • Excel-Translator ?


@Gnd_Teknoloji  .... For quicker constructive responses, attach an Excel file that demonstrates the problem.  If this forum does not permit that, upload the Excel file to a file-sharing website, and post the public download URL in a response here.  I like box.net/files; others like dropbox.com.  You might prefer onedrive.live.com, which uses the same login id as this forum.  If this forum does not permit you to post the link verbatim, spell it out.  For example, app dot box dot com /s/4urgjux6hesqto2f1lu7nz780o6dzacl for the link https://app.box.com/s/4urgjux6hesqto2f1lu7nz780o6dzacl .


I have attached an example file.  When you open it, the English function names IMSUM and IMSUB will be translated into the Turkish names automagically, but not in the comment fields.  So we can see how the English and Turkish function names match up automatically, without a lot of back-and-forth banter.


By the way, why are you using those functions, in the first place?  Are you truly working with "complex" (aka "imaginary") values of the form 2+3i ?(!)

@Sergei Baklan  wrote: ``is it correct translation here Translator • Excel-Translator ?``


Good find (the link)!


I think the better comparison is:  IMSUB translates into SANTOPLA.  And according to Google Translate, topla translates into gather; and toplam translates into total.  They do indeed sound more like "sum" than "sub", IMHO.


(I cannot find a reasonable translation for ÇIKAR.  Perhaps @Gnd_Teknoloji  can provide a relevant translation.)


I think the point that @Gnd_Teknoloji  makes is not that he cannot use SANÇIKAR for IMSUM and SANTOPLA for IMSUB, but that those translations do not make sense to a Turkish speaker any more than COMPLEXE.DIFFERENCE for IMSUM and COMPLEXE.SOMME for IMSUB (purposely backwards) would make sense to a French speaker.  (Fortunately, MSFT got the French translations right.)


.... If an actual Excel file demonstrates that the  Excel Translator  is indeed correct.  (I'm sure it will, given @Gnd_Teknoloji's complaint.)


Yes the translation is makes no sense.


Çıkar means subtraction, so SANÇIKAR should've sub the numbers.
Topla means sub, so SANTOPLA should've sub it.


SANTOPLA Subtract,
SANÇIKAR Add/sum the numbers.

That is the problem I've found.
I am using for an Enginering calculation.

We calculate frequence response of the electronic circuits.

@Gnd_Teknoloji  wrote: ``Yes the translation is makes no sense.``


Use the Feedback feature in Excel to report the error to MSFT.  This is a peer-to-peer forum.  As far as I know, MSFT employees do not monitor it.


However, I doubt that MSFT can fix it, due to backward compatibility issues.


So you will just have to make the adjustment, using SANÇIKAR when you intend IMSUM, and SANTOPLA when you intend IMSUB.




The real question is:  when you write IMSUM and IMSUB in English, then open the file in Turkish, do you see SANÇIKAR for IMSUM and SANTOPLA for IMSUB?


(You should, given the wrong translations.)


Open the Excel file that I attached to an earlier response.


Do you see SANÇIKAR in A3, and is the result 6+8i ?


And do you see SANTOPLA in A4, and is the result -2-2i ?




Thank you for the answer. I could not use the feedback, since it was unavaible for the time being, so I thought this place will help.

Anyways, thank you for your time.

@Gnd_Teknoloji  wrote: ``I see SANÇIKAR in A3, and SANTOPLA in A4.``


At least it is consistent.  Sadly, I think that is the best you can hope for.  It is certainly the best that we can offer in this forum.  Remember:  we are just users, like you.