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Hi, all.


If I could borrow on your expert knowledge again.


I am tracking the number of piles we are installing on our job.  Usually only 3 or 4 a day so we have a date column that looks like this:




Is there a way of creating a graph on another page that will automatically add a column when a new date is added?


The graph only needs to show Date on H, and number on V...






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If your column with the date is formatted as a table, you can create a graph via a pivot table that displays the new data directly with "Refresh". See my example attached.



I've sorted it...


I filtered it out in the table list!


Thanks for your help!



Nice one...


However,  I have an issue with using this method.  As the spreadsheet is partially populated, the date column extends to the bottom of it, so when I process the table & graph, I get this '(blank)' row and any dates added afterwards drop in below it:






Is there a way to get it to not process the blank sections?  I've tried unclicking the filter in the table, but it still throws it out.  Obviously, there is no blank line between 25/11/22 & 26/11/22 on the source...









So...Now I have a table for the date, I don't appear to be able to sort the spreadsheet based on it?

If I use the drop down tab there are the options to Sort old to new, mew to old etc., but these only do that column...


I used to be able to select the whole spreadsheet and organise it via date.


Each of our piles has a unique number between 001 & 780 and they are not being installed in numeric order.


So now, how can i get the entire spreadsheet to sort, based on the date 'oldest to newest'?


When I select the entire spreadsheet now, the 'sort & filter' tab on the ribbon is greyed out and as I said up there, the tab on the table only sorts that one column....





@Nick_W1890Hello Nick, it is very difficult to give you a good tip without knowing your worksheet. Therefore my statement: If you can format the date column, or all your entries as a table, then it works as described. If it doesn't work, then it doesn't work that way. You might want to familiarise yourself with tables in Excel. See here: Table 


Sorry... Logged off for the weekend.

Yeah. That worked. I've not done much with tables before so it's all uncharted territory...

It works a treat now.