A numeric cell without formulas when entering a range of 1-12 produces a date or 44531

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Числовая ячейка без формул при вводе диапазона 1-12 выдает дату или 44531 как устранить эту проблему (ошибку)?

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I don't see a problem as far as I could understand, maybe the translation is also incorrect

Move the cells down and it will appear as it should. See file.

Here is additional information from Microsoft, maybe this will help you.

Отмена автоматической замены чисел датами


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@Vlad54k1 The number 44531 is the number that Excel uses for the date 1 December 2021. That is, day number 44531 counting from 1 January 1900. When you enter "1-12" (without the quotes) Excel interprets it as day 1 and month 12  in the current year (being 2021).

If you want to enter a text like "1-12" you can put an apostrophe in front or format the cells(s) as Text before you enter "1-12".

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