A complex lookup/index/match problem that I've encountered at work; how to pull data from both axes

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Hello all,


Any help is greatly appreciated as I have to present on this tomorrow. Not sure if I described this well enough in the title, but I need to pull a specific value from a reference table while also grouping the values into particular bins on the reference table. The idea is that the function automatically group the value into the matching value on the X or Y axis and then locate which one corresponds to both values on the axes. I've done something like this before a long time ago with a nested lookup, index, and match function, but I have no idea how anymore. Here are some photos.


Sample file:



Thank you!

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@Ben_Cote I entered some "step-by-step" formulas in columns E, F and G and one that combines the three into one single formula. Makes is easier to follow. See if this does what you need.

Hey Riny,

This is perfect! Exactly what I was looking for. Really appreciate it.