A complex formula that uses its own calculations

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A complex formula that uses its own calculations
They gave a task at work to calculate employee bonuses
Handled it manually
But perhaps it can be done with a formula?
There is an amount, say - 100 dollars
This is the basic premium
It is issued if the turner has turned a thousand parts.
There are multiplying coefficients
For example
Turner Sem turned 9300 parts
The formula should do this:
9300-1000 = 8300 (per cell)
For the first thousand parts, a premium of 100 (in a separate cell)
8300-1000 = 7300
For the second thousand parts coefficient 1.1
means 100 * 1.1 = 110 premium - in a separate cell
7300-1000, odds for the third thousand 1, 2
Over the last 300 parts, premium 0.3
(that is, if 1000 parts are not available, increasing coefficients are not applied, and the calculation is based on the base premium)
After that, the formula adds up what she entered in the cells and gives out the amount of the bonus
Is it possible to do this GENERALLY?
Is it possible to formulate such a formula at all?

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See the attached sample workbook.

@Hans Vogelaar

 Thank you very much - you are a real Master
my version is much more primitive and worse))))