6 month repayment holiday at start of Loan Amortization

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I am building a loan repayment schedule using the Microsoft template "Loan Amortization Schedule" and all ok as my loan is standard features, except I have 6 months payment holiday at the start of the 2 year loan. I need to adjust the formulas to account for this 6 month holiday

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can u pls share the file?
u may remove ur confidential data, like loan amount, interest %, etc.

@David250 refer attached file.



1) Added new sheet - "Modified" (kept original sheet)

2) Added new parameter, 'Payment holidays (months)' at row #8

3) I have assumed that, u will have to pay interest amount even during holiday period

Hello @bhusan_Z .

I have similar requirment. But I want add the parament of Date for those month For Example :
Loan amount $50,000.00
Annual interest rate 3.59%
Loan period in years 1
Number of payments per year 12
Start date of loan 01/01/2020
Payment Holiday Date start from: 01/05/2020
Payment holiday (months) 3
Example : https://www.bankofscotland.co.uk/mortgages/existing-customers/halifax-payment-holiday-calculator.htm...
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Hi expert can someone  assit me on this I want to incorporate Payment Holiday Date start from: 01/05/2020 and end 30/7/2020
Payment holiday (months) 3. I have also attached as an example


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@bhushan_z Your assumption is if you pay interest during the moratorium. What if you don't pay anything during the moratorium?

@bhushan_z thanks for this great work. 


Can you please explain why there is still a figure in the "Principal" column before "Payment Holiday" months have been reached?