4 week Moving Average Calculated Pivot Table Field

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I am trying to calculate the following averages in an excel pivot table based on grouped fields using the 

  1. 4 week rolling average
  2. 13 week rolling average
  3. 52 week rolling average




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Afraid that's only with PivotTable based on data model using proper DAX measures. 

Thank you. Would you happen to know how I calculate the measures to achieve the averages I am looking for?


Similar discussion is here Help with moving average of a DAX measure - Microsoft Community Hub , you may google something like "DAX moving average". Lot of sample, mainly for Power BI but majority of them are applicable to Excel Power Pivot.


However, if you never worked with data model that could be quite long learning path. Perhaps you may consider other options with formulae. All depends on source data and desired results.