3D Maps Opening up Blank

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I'm trying to use 3D Maps in Excel 2016 with a Microsoft-supplied sample file (Chicago Narcotics Sample File). When I click Insert -> 3D Map, I get the option to insert Tours, as expected. However, when I click on a tour and the separate 3D Map window opens, no map appears. Even stranger, when I mouse over a tour thumbnail on the left, that map goes blank. I'm having the same issue with other files. I have yet to see 3D Maps work properly with this installation.


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I have repaired and reinstalled Office Professional Plus 2016, but no change. I have set Internet Explorer to my default, and the Bing maps website there works fine. The Excel 2016 Bing Maps plugin also works fine. I have turned off my firewall temporarily, but that doesn't help. I'm running Windows 7, SP1. I'm up to date with my Windows Update installations. I've set Excel to "Run as Administrator" and tried a temporary Guest account, but that doesn't help either. The Office version is 1612. I do not have an Office 365 subscription, but I don't believe I need one for 3D Maps. What am I missing?




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Any update on this? Did you ever find a solution? I am having the same issue.

Hi Michael,


I contacted support and they gave me a fix that worked for me - wanted to share it with you and any others googling this issue - 


The issue may be your graphics card/driver. check to see if either is disabled/in need of an update by going to your control panel, and then device manager. From here, find the display adapters section, and ensure that all portions within this section are fully updated and enabled. 


Upon update, my Excel 3D map/Bing Map functionality was restored.


Hope this works,



Thanks for your post. I updated my graphic card driver and it appears to have worked! Since I had posted such a long time ago, I ended up using Tableau Public, which turned out to be a good option for my needs.

Also have this problem but with Excel 2016 Desktop within Office 365 Professional, latest version with auto updates.

Not a size issue, won't even work with 2 data points!!


My graphics card is rubbish but much better than minimum stated requirement (it is Radeon HD 6490M, 1GB).

Downloaded official sample data too, same problem, the map window remains empty. Also loaded custom image background, also did not show.


I am on an evaluation business licence, likelihood of me purchasing us rapidly decreasing!

Can Microsoft please help? Many thanks.

(I'm on Windows 7, 64-bit)