30-day rolling graph.

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Dear community,


This is the first time I am reaching out like this and I am stuck with something I cannot find the answer to with simple google and YouTube searches. I have a file of data that I am trcking, with new input every day. A simplified example is added to this message, free from any vital data and information. 


What I need is a graph that will show me the results for the last 30 days. And with each new entry in the spreadsheet I want the graph to move up one day. So if I enter today's data, I want the graph to show the last 30 days including today. If I enter tomorrows data I want it to show the last 30 days including tomorrow. I hope that clarifies it enough. If anyone of you can help me out I would be much obliged!

In the file you will see a column with purely the date, and then a column marked A through H. I need a single graph for A, B and C and a combined graph for D, E and F. The final two columns, marked G and H, can be ignored.


I am working on a laptop running Windows 10, version 20H2 with Office 365.


Thank you very much!!

All the best, RNNL21

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You can use dynamic named ranges for this purpose. Look at Formulas > Name Manager to see the definitions of the ones I created (XValues, AValues, etc.)

I'm not sure what charts you want, so I just created one, you can easily modify them or copy them.

The chart is a line chart with XValues as category axis values, and AValues as legend entries (series).

Thank you very much, that is very close to what I had in mind! The technical bit is exactly what I needed, the layout was secondary. I'll play around with it and will try to create the others myself. Much appreciated!