30 day Readmission: Date difference between first discharge and readmission

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Hello, I want to track 30-day readmission cases and want to calculate the day difference between the first discharge date (end-date) and readmission date (start date).  In the dataset, I have the following variables

A -unique ID code for each person (you will meet this code as many times he/she was admitted);

B - Case ID which is a unique code for each admission (there could be cases when it is the same when referral occurred but such example is not present in this sample dataset)

C-Recieve date

D- Discharge date


I work both on Windows 10 and MacOS big sure 11.6. Excel- 16.53 

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See the attached version.

The values in columns C and D were text values, not dates. I used Data > Text to Columns to convert them to dates.

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@Marit585  So i formatted the data as a table and used 'Text to Columns' to force the dates in the date columns to format as dates and not text (maybe your version recognizes them as dates already).  Then I created a column that calculates the Time since last Dischaarge using a formula that will filter all the discharge dates based on uniqueID, sort them and find the closest that is less than the receive date and take the difference.  Then I created a column that gives a T/F based on it being <=30.  It could be done in 1 column but I think that Time since last Discharge could be valuable.