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Hi, I have recently obtained Office 2019. When selecting Save As when using Excel it saves in Excel 1997-2004 Template. Is this correct. If not, what is the correct heading?

Excel 2019 isn't even shown in the drop down menu, is this also correct.

Many thanks in advance.


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Although I don’t have Office 2019 like you do, I guess you save it simply as Excel workbook. Your file will then have an extension name of “.xlsx”. All Excel files earlier than 2007 are saved with the “.xls” extension name.
cheers Twifoo, I'll have a look
By all means, you have to! Your use of the word “look” reminds me of the proverb:
Look before you leap is an excellent maxim but don’t make the mistake of looking too long for you may never leap!
Succinctly stated, look now, or never look!
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