2019 Excel on Mac no data entry form

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I recently switched from PC to Mac. Then I found my Microsoft Access not available on Mac version Office. I tried to use Excel instead by creating a data entry form. Windows Excel 2016 is ok. But Mac Excel 2019 does not have this function. Any alternative to this great feature? Why Microsoft disabled this form on its new Excel? Thanks.

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I'm afraid MAC Office is a bit like the ugly step-sister. Family indeed, but does not get the same amount of love as the others do. MAC Office is always a bit behind in features as Windows Office. You'll have to revert ot a VBA solution. O wait, that is no fun in Mac Office either.

So basically no solution? Thanks. 

Well, not an easy one as far as I know. But I don't use a MAC so I might be (very) wrong on this. With Excel on-line as a part of Office 365 you can create Forms which can be edited on-line. But I have little experience with that.

Yep, where is it?


Need the data entry form, it is valuable for entering data into databases, and other uses.


I've been using MS Office on Macs since 1990, and using the data entry form on numerous spreadsheets with database capability. I'm very frustrated that I can't find it. 


Called MS Support twice already. First time I was put on hold and they hung up while I was on hold. Then they sent an email claiming the ticket was resolved. No joy at all.  Called again later in the day, the tech almost knew what I was talking about, and after trying to get it to work, claimed that the entry form feature was only for Excel 2011. Unfortunately for her I have been using it since 1990. 


So, how do we go about this? How do we find it or get it put back in?  I can not accept that MS would remove that feature. So the feature must be there somewhere and we just have to find someone that knows what they are talking about. 

In Excel 2016 for windows I can use alt+d, alt+o to open the data form. Do the old menu short-cut keys of Office 2003 work in Mac Excel (I doubt it, but worth a try)?
The Mac edition of Excel has had the data entry Form... capability since at least 1990, when I started using it. Been using it since then. It is now nowheres to be found in Excel Mac 2019.
Does macro work?

Sub OpenDataForm()
Application.CommandBars("Worksheet Menu bar").FindControl(id:=860,recursive:=true).Execute
End Sub

I tried this on my mac excel but no joy 

I have the same problem. I have used that feature in many spreadsheets for many years. Now it suddenly is missing. Not good Microsoft !!!

A relatively recent MAC user, but disappointed with Numbers and forced to sign up to Office 365 to get Excel. Instead I find a key feature in Excel, the Data Entry Form facilityis not available in the Office 365 provided by Microsoft for IOS.

What is additionally annoying is that 'Help' indicates that it is available - it isn't.

When will Microsoft fix this?


{Mac mini (Late 2012) IOS ver 10.14.3 (18D109)   Excel Ver 16.22}


I'm also flabbergasted and disappointed about that missing feature!@null null

Looking for a solution I went to me free account at www.Airtable.com, imported there my excel spreadsheet as CVS format and with no delay have a data entry form for my existing data (and it's web-based!). Will export from Airtable once done.

This might be an easy solution for you, although we shouldn't have to...


Thanks @MaxDC for the suggestion.  Since my post I've tried harder !

As a novice to extended use of Excel and VBA and who glazed over at Pivot Tables it was necessary to explore further and fortunately I've found a few useful formulae (SUMIFS etc) that combined with VBA have enabled a workaround for the Data Entry Form.  I'm attempting to create an Excel alternative to MS Money, for which all the claimed alternatives I've tried over the years aren't.

And I'm slowly getting there - a fascinating and absorbing project as I approach 80 this year - and yes, I know I should get out more.

I'd welcome advice from anyone who has developed an Excel alternative to MS Money.

Pretty frustrating. My work-around is that Form exists as a function in Excel Mac 2011. So when I'm doing something that requires a form, I  use that version. Although at some point soon, it will no longer work with the latest version of MacOS. If you are an Office 365 subscriber, I    think you can still download and install Excel 2011.

If you like me in the UK and bought Office 2019 Mac, then return it for the full price.
On the ground of Purchase made on misleading Marketing, i.e Their manual still says you can use it though, while only from support call/pages you can find it's not.

Luckily Google Docs getting better and better and integrates with different CRM. SO in couple years this harvest finish.


They had/have no intention to fix this, as never fixed it for Mac MS 2016
That's exactly what I have done. Excel 2011 version with the 14.7.7 update seems to be working fine for me.

I have no options for you in regards to Office 2019.  I'm a Mac user.  I found Office 2011 from a 3rd party, installed and updated it with the 14.7.7 Update.  All of the Data Form & VBA features are available and work well in that version.


Office 2011 for Mac has all the Data Form and VBA features in it.  I found it via a 3rd party, then updated it to the 14.7.7 update.  Works fine.@Acadia1532 

I have never used MS Money.  However, my Office 365 does not have the Data Form and VBA features I need, so I downloaded Office 2011, then updated it with the 14.7.7 update.  All the Data Form and VBA features exist in this version.   From what i I see the description of MS Money, you can reproduce what you want using Office 2011.  Good luck!@mikeretyred