2000 MDs and 3 Sales People - How Do I Search

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I hope you are all well.  I have a list of about 2000 MDs that I'm trying to get excel to search and return  the Sales person that is assigned to them.  It's one workbook, one sheet with the list of 1928 MDs, one sheet with 450 outstanding order entries with 183 different MDs.


In my mind, I would like to insert a formula in the Sales Rep cell that will search the MD list and find the Sales Rep that is assigned to them.  The cell then would show the Sales Rep.  I.e. Dr. Miller is assigned to Julie, so all orders for Dr. Miller will show Julie as the rep.

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You need categorization according to RACI

The RACI matrix is also called RAM, which stands for “Responsibility Assignment Matrix”.


You can make it to order, or purchase it in different sites like this one.

Or there is someone who already has some preliminary work in this direction and can / would like to make it available to you.


Here is an example Excel file with RACI matrix



I would be happy to know if I could help.



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index+match would be your go to formula. let us know if you need help. It would also help to create similar tables to your spreadsheet with dummy info and if you can share it that would speed things up.