2 strange Excel errors on Mac Catalina

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Hi Guys - 2 strange Excel errors driving me nuts and could not get help from either Apple or MS support teams. Updated to latest version of Catalina a couple of weeks ago. (1) Ever since then my delimiters in excel show as '.' between the thousands and ',' in decimals. Should be the other way round in UK. The Apple Preferences/Languages & Region/General confirms grouping as ',' and decimals as '.' which is correct. Have checked Excel Tools/Language is set to English (United Kingdom) which is correct but when I go to Format Cells/Number it shows the thousands separator as '.' and the decimal  as ',' which is wrong. Any clue how to fix this? (2) When I download any CSV file - or open an old CSV file - each line displays the data literally with comma delimiter ie no formatting at all. Saving the file as xls does not help, it simply shows the same layout with a string of values separated by the comma delimiter. Any ideas how to get this back to normal?  All suggestions gratefully received... Thank you 

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