2 inputs make 1 cell change

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i trying to make excel look at 2 inputs C5 (3 possible values) and C6 ( 2 possible values) and then put the outcome in cell D14 

i am trying to do this with the formula IFS and when i ut in the values for C5 its all oke but when if try to mix in C6 i get lost ,


how has a idea for me 


thanks fazantje

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Could you describe in detail what the formula should do? It would be helpful if you attached a small sample workbook (without sensitive information)

i found it out my self but still if someone know a shorter way to make this formula please reply

"=IFS(AND(C5="KES 201";C6="Centraal openen");Materiaal!A4;AND(C5="KES 201";C6="Enkelzijdig Telescoop");Materiaal!A7;AND(C5="KES 600";C6="Centraal openen");Materiaal!A10;AND(C5="KES 600";C6="Enkelzijdig Telescoop");Materiaal!A13;AND(C5="KES 800";C6="Centraal openen");Materiaal!A19;AND(C5="KES 800";C6="Enkelzijdig Telescoop");Materiaal!A15)"



in cell D14 is the Formula i am taking about, how it is at the moment it is correct but very very long 


Thanks Fazantje

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See the attached version. I used a combination of INDEX and MATCH. The formula works for Kooideuren and Schachtdeuren.

@Hans Vogelaar bedank voor de formule 


oh sorry English site off cores for the "deurcontacten" i still used my formula because i don't know how to edit your formula for this part bur thanks


greets Fazantje


See the attached version.

My formula can easily be adjusted for deurcontacten. For brandweerdeuren, I used a shorter IF formula.