1st cell day/date... retrieves a second cell of store hours

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HELP... I have a time card spreadsheet. 

Cell 1 has the day/date in it.

I want Cell 2 to retrieve the store hours for that day.

Saturday, March 18, 20236a-430p
Sunday, March 19, 20237a-430p
Monday, March 20, 20238a-400p


How do I get the second celll to calculate on its own?

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If you're looking to calculate duration by End Time - Start Time, is it possible you can arrange your sheet to use a column for Start and a column for End? When both those times are in the same cell it requires the need to use extraction formulas to look for the numbers, pull them out, and do the math.
Thanks Mark, in this workbook, I have two sheets.

The two columns in the above are just part of the table on one of the sheets.

I just need to have the 2nd column calculate on its own.

The second sheet has the day (Monday) in one column and the hours (8a-4p) in the second column.

I would like to link the two sheets, so that when I put in a day/date, it will fill in the second column with the hours for that day/date.