1 of many dropdowns shows no dropdown arrow

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I have 8 different columns with different drop down validations.  By the time I get done, it will be 16.  One of these does not show an arrow.  It does function to limit entry to the contents of the list, and yes, the "In-Cell dropdown" option is checked.  

I did an open and repair, and it did not throw anything into the log.  Any Ideas?



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Here are some possible solutions to troubleshoot this issue:

Check the Cell Format:

Ensure that the cell where the dropdown should appear is formatted as a cell with a dropdown list. To check this, right-click the cell, choose "Format Cells," and go to the "Number" tab. Make sure the cell format is set to "General."
Data Validation Settings:

Double-check the data validation settings for the cell. Make sure the "In-Cell dropdown" option is selected in the "Data Validation" settings. To do this, select the cell, go to the "Data" tab, click on "Data Validation," and verify that the "Show dropdown list in cell" option is checked.
Compatibility Mode:

If you're using an older Excel file format (e.g., .xls instead of .xlsx), some features, including dropdown arrows, might not work as expected. Try saving your file in the latest Excel format.
Zoom Level:

Sometimes, the dropdown arrow may not be visible due to a low zoom level. Try zooming in on your worksheet to see if the arrow becomes visible.
Worksheet Protection:

If the worksheet is protected, you may not see the dropdown arrow. Check if the worksheet is protected, and if so, unprotect it to see if the arrow appears.
Add an Empty Cell Above:

Sometimes, adding an empty cell above the cell with data validation can cause the arrow to display. Try inserting an empty row above the cell and see if the arrow appears.

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Thank you. It is set to General, in-Cell dropdown is checked, saved as .xlsm, zoom is at 100%, so no help there.
However, inserting a blank cell did bring it back, I was then able to redo the validation to take the new cell into account, and it STILL has the down arrow! Don't know what kind of voodoo that is, but thank you very much!
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