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 I would like to type a cell number from South Africa which is 083 598 0899.  But you know it takes out the 0.  This can be fixed on a excel sheet by typing ' before the 0.  But the cells still gives a that little error log which I can not have on as I am doing formulas in the same sheet.  I need to know how to take the little error block of a number that start with a 0 but still keeps the 0.  Changing it to TEXT does not work.


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@Sandra_Ludick If it's the green triangles you mean, these are mere warnings that something may be wrong. Excel tries to help you identifying numbers that might have been entered incorrectly. You can ignore it or switch-off the background error checking.


Hi Riny, thanks so much for your reply. Because there is going to tons of numbers I would like to use the second option (which I did not know about) How do I switch of the back ground error checking. Thanks again
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@Sandra_Ludick Assuming you're in Windows. File, Otions, Formulas, Error Checking. Uncheck the "Enable background error checking".

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Kind regards, worked 100% thank you sooo much