Every month we ship many new features for our Office 365 subscribers in Excel.  Here is the list for April. If you like to see the full list, see office.com/excel/whatisnew 



Numeric keypad
Switch quickly to the new numeric keypad when you're entering lots of numbers or simple functions.

Desktop (Windows)

New data transformation: Add Column From Examples

In the Query Editor, create a new column by providing sample values. As you type, Excel detects the required transformations and shows a preview of the new column.
Keep the copy
Copy your cells, and before you paste, you can still do other tasks like typing or inserting cells.



You're the Expert with Tell Me
Save time and focus on your work by finding the right command when you need it.

Use this new chart type to transform geographic data into professional looking maps with just a few steps.  

Easier Editing
Just double-tap a cell and edit in place rather than typing in the formula bar.

Search Inside Filters
Quickly find the right value to filter on by using Search in the Sort and Filter menu.

Better Borders
Add color and line styles to your cell borders to highlight important content.