Your files are still downloading dialog


Can we get GPO to suppress this dialog from appearing:


If this dialog pops up while in IE mode, closing browser becomes an issue. On windows 7 in IE mode browser will hang if this dialog appears. I have reported this problem long ago and it still not fixed. This will make issues for users browsing intranet sites that require IE mode. If that's complicated task to fix this issue, GPO setting to suppress this dialog would work.

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We're seeing this occasionally while opening documents from our locally hosted SharePoint 2013 environment - the site is configured to open in IE11 mode. We're running Edge Beta on various flavours of Windows 10. The latest example is Edge Beta 79.0.309.43 (64-bit) on W10 1809 (Build 17763.805).



Edge Dev 81.0.381.0 changelog has this one mentioned:


Fixed an issue where downloading files in IE mode tabs sometimes prevents the browser from being closed even after the downloads are completed.


However I still can't see any changed behaviour. Popup still doesn't allows to close browser on windows 10 and hangs browser UI on windows 7. Maybe some options on IE or Edge needs to be changed?


Still not fixed on dev 81.0.396.0. Will this be fixed on windows 7? 

This is what happens on windows 7:


I have marked location of that dialog in windows 7. As you can see it is under page content, only small portion of it is visible. And it is not possible to dismiss it.




We have the same problem at our workstations. Whenever we use IE mode on Edge and load a page using a ClickOnce application Edge always shows a warning dialogue with the "your files are still downloading" dialog on exit. Still trying to find a way to disable this warning.


We're seeing the same thing in Edge Production v80.0.361.50 using IE Mode with Win10.

I am seeing this with 80.0.361.54.  If using the "X" in the corner of the browser window I get the "still downloading" dialog and the buttons do nothing useful. I have found if you use the "..." settings menu and select "close microsoft edge" you get the dialog box, but upon clicking "close browser" it actually WILL close out via that method.


I am also seeing if you browse away from the page that makes the dialog persist and even "close browser" doesn't allow you to close or opening a new tab and hitting the "X" in the corner works.

Odd little bug.



We are seeing this as well with IE mode, even in the latest stable release.


After updating to the latest stable version this problem is fixed for me.