Work or School login doesn't work automatically like Legacy Edge did

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I've noticed that opening the new Edge for the first time, the profile connects to the user's AD account, but not authenticated with the Azure AD account that is signed in with Windows. I have to manually create a new profile and select my work or school account to make this work properly. 


This actually worked flawlessly on the legacy version of Edge. Is this a bug, or do I need to do something to fix this? Just a note that my UPN is my email address, but the domain login is a different user ID and new Edge is trying to use the domain login, which is not the one that I want. 

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You mean synchronization is not switched on automatically? 

You have to force Edge to use the upn via gpo settings though.

Since we are preparing for rollout may I ask a question back? How do you support roaming user profiles, more specifically the settings and data of Edge Chromium?

regards, Henno