Windows Defender Application Guard - Extension Within!

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Hello there,

i've try to install a Chrome extension within the Application Guard Windows and got this message:


Your organization blocks XXX (extension ID "xxxxxxx")


I understand why it's there, but not all extension are bad.  For exemple I would really like to have a adblocker in there.  Or give us the way to use "Add Tracking Protection Lists" like on IE (EasyList).  Because we would love to use WDAG precisely for site with a lot of these annoyance.  And now, without Adblocker inside WDAG, it's more or less useless


I've try these policies to install the extension without success:

-Allow users to trust files that open in Windows Defender Application Guard
-Allow files to download and save to the host operating system from Windows Defender Application Guard


Or please, permit us to white list the extension with the Microsoft Edge Policy:

-Allow specific extensions to be installed "xxxxxxx"

-Control which extensions cannot be installed "*"


or add a new policy like "Allow specific extensions to be installed in WDAG"



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Since WDAG is kind of a VM, i guess installing Extension within gonna be hard because they gonna be needed inside the "VM template" used to create these instance of Edge...


Since, I'm looking more for a "security" oriented solution, what we REALLY need is a way to configure the easylist from a online source, like in IE, within the browser like a parameter.


Just add a 4th option inside "Tracking prevention" for Chromium Edge.

- Basic
- Balanced (recommended)
- Strict
- Personalized Tracking Protection List (Like IE 11 = Manage add-ons\Tracking Protection\Your Personalized List\Settings)


and the whitelist with "Allow all trackers on site you choose"


From this "Personalized Tracking Protection List" option you got the "Get a tracking Protection List Online" and there you go! Build-in Adblocker! Not these shady extension that we dont about!

Easy! Done!